Aviation Fun Camp 2021

Our first ever Holiday Aviation Fun Camp, December 27-31, 2021, was a great success. 

Our first day was fantastic.

The campers spent the morning learning all about the “basics” in the state-of-the-art Redbird FMX simulator of our partners  

Black Box Flight Training. Then they learned about the many safeties checks our CFI’s do before every flight. After lunch, it was time to fly as they took off on their first flight for some hands-on training. 

Today was all about the behind-the-scenes world of aviation. First, we were off to the EWN Tower to discover how Air control (known to pilots as “tower” or “tower control”) is responsible for the active runway surfaces. Air control clears aircraft for takeoff or landing. 

Then we had a tour of the maintenance hangar to see firsthand how the planes are kept in top shape. After lunch, we headed off to the Coastal Carolina Regional Airport- EWN where we were lucky to have Ed Martin, operations manager, give the campers some fascinating information on avionics AND back-stage tour of the facilities. 

Adventure today as the campers started with an early morning flight, and flew off to Ocracoke Beach for a fun day of sightseeing, flying kites and a picnic on the beach! 


Last day went out with a bang as we had a private airshow by stunt pilot Marco Bouw. Everyone loved hearing his stories and seeing his amazing stunt flying. 

So that’s a wrap for our last aviation camp for 2021. See you next year!