D2 Flight Academy Reunites With Horizon Swiss Flight Academy After Covid 19 Hiatus

New Bern, NC — On Monday (May 23), D2 Flight Academy hosted their international partners the Horizon Swiss Flight Academy for joint aviation training and team building.

This partnership was formed by the former owner of Tradewind Flight Academy Thomas Dolder. It was designed as a flight time building opportunity for European pilots to come and train in the Unites States. D2 Flight Academy (D2FA) is proud to carry on this tradition as training resumed after the Covid-19 hiatus.

“We are very happy that we are able to restart this partnership between D2 Flight Academy and Horizon Flight Academy” Darryl Centanni President of D2 Flight Academy said. “It allows European pilots to come over to America and spend a month with our flight academy building flight time and getting the international flight experience necessary to become to become a Swiss Air Pilot.”

One of the great things about training at D2FA is the environment. The fantastic weather is ideal for building flight time over beautiful New Bern. Our professional instructors are a great resource for the international students as they advise them on where to fly, how to get there and tips for navigating US airspace. This allows the Horizon team to focus on what really matters—flying.

The Horizon Swiss Flight Academy was founded in 1979 in Switzerland and has been training European pilots for 42 years. They offer operator-specific initial and recurrent aviation training.

For over 20 years D2 Flight Academy has been providing flight training and surveillance services to commercial and government agencies. We specialize in pilot training, aircraft maintenance, and surveillance services. If you are seeking to earn your private pilot license or are pursuing a career in commercial aviation than we have a training program for you.

“This program is very important to our company’s expansion in the future in the area of international flight training.” Centanni said. “Working with our Swiss partners adds value to our own pilots as well as the greater New Bern community.”

Michelle Moore

Public Relations Specialist