D2FA Announces it’s International Flight Training Program

New Bern, NC – D2 Flight Academy, a distinguished aviation institution formerly known as Tradewind Flight Services, proudly announces its evolution into a premier international flight training program (IFT). This transformation solidifies D2 Flight Academy’s commitment to excellence while marking a pivotal milestone in their journey of service and innovation.

Launching the International Flight Training Program

D2 Flight Academy propels its mission further by launching its International Flight Training Program. This initiative opens doors for aspiring pilots worldwide, offering comprehensive training modules designed to exceed industry standards. From foundational principles to advanced aviation techniques, students will receive world-class instruction, enabling them to excel in the global aviation landscape. The IFT Program will allow international students to train in the US with an M-1 Visa. The program is 7-12 months and includes the following packages Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Certification, Commercial Certification, Multi-engine, and Certified Flight Instructor Certification.

Expansion into Washington-Warren (KOCW), NC: Catalyzing Growth

Expanding its footprint, D2 Flight Academy extends its reach into the vibrant aviation community of Washington-Warren, NC. This strategic expansion not only enriches the Academy’s accessibility but also reinforces its dedication to serving diverse regions and fostering local economic growth. The addition of this new location reflects D2 Flight Academy’s commitment to empowering aspiring aviators and bolstering the aviation landscape across diverse communities.

“At D2 Flight Academy, our vision extends beyond the skies. We are dedicated to equipping the next generation of aviators with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to conquer new heights,” said Darryl Centanni, one of the Owners of D2 Flight Academy and founder of D2 Government Solutions. “Our rebranding, international program launch, fleet modernization, and expansion into Little Washington mark a transformative chapter in our journey, underscoring our unwavering commitment to excellence within the aviation industry.” Operations Manager, Lisa Millington added, ““Efficiency is the heartbeat of our operations. We strive to synchronize precision with innovation, ensuring that every move we make not only meets but exceeds expectations, driving our team towards unparalleled success.”

D2 Flight Academy invites prospective aviators, partners, and aviation enthusiasts to join in their celebration of progress, innovation, and a shared passion for the skies.

For media inquiries, interviews, or further information, please contact: Lisa Millington, Operations Manager at 252-294-9049 or via email at lisa.millington@d2-gs.com.

About D2 Flight Academy: D2 Flight Academy, formerly Tradewind Flight Services located at Coastal Carolina Airport (KEWN), New Bern, NC is a distinguished aviation institution, with a long history of training thousands of aviators, dedicated to providing world-class flight training programs. D2 FA is a FAA certified Part 141, Part 61 and a Department of Homeland Security TSA SEVIS Certification (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System allowing the academy to welcome foreign students with an M1 visa for training in New Bern, NC. D2 trains approximately 225 Aviators annually and operates a fleet of Cessna 172’s and Piper Twin Semonle aircraft. 

With a commitment to excellence, and innovation, the Academy empowers aspiring pilots to achieve their dreams and soar to new heights within the aviation industry.