Certified Flight Instructor

When you are ready for a new and exciting challenge, the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) course is an excellent way for you to quickly build flight experience. Becoming a CFI takes everything you have learned during your own flight training and allows you to share that knowledge with the next generation of pilots while also earning a paycheck. This is one of the traditional next steps for expanding your career as a professional pilot.

D2 Flight Academy offers three instructor ratings for the ambitious pilot to pursue. The CFI allows a pilot to provide instruction to student pilots earning a PPL. The Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) enables the instructor to provide training to those pursuing an instrument rating. The Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) authorizes the instructor to teach those pilots seeking multi-engine training.

One of the best ways to master a skill is by teaching it. By becoming a CFI, you will gain valuable flight time, build experience, and refine your skills. Teaching others challenges you to enhance your own capabilities as a pilot while also rewarding you with teaching someone else the gift of flight. Contact us today to take your next steps.