Educational Programs

Liberty University School of Aeronautics

MILITARY AND VETERANS BENEFITS Liberty University is proud to serve the men and women of the U.S. military and offers the following benefits:

The following courses are offered within the Bachelor of Science in Aviation program:

  • Private Pilot Certificate -AVIA220 & 225- Can be completed as a Free Elective or prior to enrollment
  • Instrument Rating -AVIA320*
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate -AVIA325, 326 & 327*
  • Multi Engine Add-On Rating -AVIA440*
  • Flight Instructor Certification -AVIA420*
  • Flight Instructor Instrument Certification -AVIA422 (1 Credit)* or AVIA423 (3 Credits)*
  • Multi Engine Instructor Certification -AVIA441 (1 Credit)* or AVIA443 (3 Credits)*

*Courses noted with asterisk (*) above are the only courses authorized by the Department of Veteran Affairs (“VA”) for application of GI Bill and/or VA funding by Web Enabled Approved Management System (“WEAMS”) institutions.

Purdue University Global

Our partnership with Purdue University Global offers benefits to our flight school students who are interested in advancing their aviation career with an online bachelor’s degree in Professional Flight.

Purdue Global’s professional flight degree program is a collaboration between Purdue Global and Purdue University’s School of Aviation and Transportation Technology – announced in 2019. It combines the quality of Purdue’s legendary aviation program spanning more than six decades with the flexibility and affordability that Purdue Global offers. Legendary aviators like Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong and Sully Sullenberger once called Purdue University their home.

After completing your professional pilot certificates and ratings, you could receive 45 transfer credits when enrolled in the professional flight degree at Purdue Global which could help you:

  • Complete a bachelor’s degree in Professional Flight online 2-3 years
  • Save up to $28,400 in tuition
  • Work on your degree while completing your flight training or working as a full-time flight instructor

Enroll now or visit Purdue University Global  to learn more about this opportunity and Purdue Global’s online Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight.


Craven Community College

D2 Flight Academy and Craven Community College (Craven CC) are partnered in the Aviation Management and Career Pilot Technology program.  The Aviation and Career Pilot Technology program at Craven CC offers an exciting opportunity for potential aviators to earn an associate degree in conjunction with the flight training required for a professional pilot. This program is open to all eligible students to include military veterans and high school graduates.  This is a unique program that streamlines the learning process allowing future pilots to earn their degree and license in two years. The student will undergo a challenging curriculum that combines classroom, simulator and flight training. The graduate will leave the program with 300 hours of flight time and all the necessary experience for a career with commercial airlines, general aviation, the aerospace industry or in state and federal aviation organizations. 

VA Benefits

D2 Flight Academy is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Eligible students can use VA backed educational programs (Montgomery GI Bill Chapter 30, or Post 9/11 GI Bill Chapter 33) to cover the costs of pilot training.

The Montgomery GI Bill reimbursement policy for flight training is limited to 60% of cost up to the maximum number of hours approved for dual instruction for both flight and ground training. The maximum hours are based on the FAA Regulations Part 141 for each certificate or rating sought. This reimbursement is paid to you by the VA on a monthly basis and is calculated based on the total cost of actual training you received. The VA policy excludes reimbursement for any hours over the approved maximum.

The post 9/11 GI Bill will assist in the cost of flight training with minimal out-of-pocket expenses to you. To begin, a student must have an eligibility letter from the VA.  D2 Flight Academy is paid directly for all approved flight training by the VA. The student is essentially extended credit on receipt of the VA eligibility letter. The VA policy excludes reimbursement for any hours over the approved maximum, FAA medical exams, training kits, books, or other materials whether they are required or not. Veteran’s must sign a D2 Flight Academy Training Agreement.

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