Flight Training Security Program

The purpose of the Flight Training Security Program (FTSP) is to ensure that the individuals who desire to participate in flight training do not pose a threat to national security or aviation.

Flight training providers are prohibited under U.S. law from training any flight candidate or student unless they have submitted certain information to the TSA.

There are two websites to visit for information on foreign student pilot training in the United States: TSA and AOPA


The Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) has been renamed as the Flight Training Security Program (FTSP). There are no changes to the regulation or the program currently. The website URL has also changed. As of January 26, 2022, FTSP’s new website can be accessed at https://fts.tsa.dhs.gov You will need to manually enter the new URL address. Start with the “Home” tab for updates, then select the “Regulatory” tab which explains Categories. You will be in Category 3. Click on the “new account” link and follow steps 1 through 6. The “Application Guide” aids candidates and flight training providers navigating the FTSP Flight Training Event Request Application process. It contains detailed instructions and tips to help you. The “Links” tab will provide external links to AOPA, NATA and the FAA Homepages.


The Airline Owners and Pilots Association (aopa.org) is the leading advocate for General Aviation participants. Their website aids foreign nationals interested in flight training in the United States, however, they haven’t caught up with the name change that occurred on 28FEB22. AOPA still calls it the Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP). D2 Flight Academy recommends this website for its many aviation applications.