Congressman Greg Murphy Celebrates Aviation Dreams at New Hangar Ceremony

New Bern, NC—On Friday (July 22) Congressman Greg Murphy was the guest speaker at the ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the commission of D2 Government Solutions new aircraft hangar located at Coastal Carolina Regional Airport.

This new hangar is the realization of a dream conceived by D2 Government Solutions (D2GS) President Darryl Centanni and its CEO Dave Ricker. It was designed to bring more jobs and services to the aviation industry and contribute to the greater New Bern community.

“And now here we are today seeing the finishing part of one part of a dream,” Congressman Murphy said. “Here we are celebrating in Eastern North Carolina, the birthplace of aviation, that D2 has brought a dream to fruition.”

Due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic, the commercial aviation business has suffered a severe pilot shortage that has put an unnatural strain on the entire airline industry.

“Now we are facing such a shortage of pilots that I know anyone who has been travelling here, I’m sure has been accosted by. There are delays in travel, delays because we don’t have enough pilots.” Murphy said. “And now we are allowing, because of facilities like this and because of what D2 is doing—especially helping our veterans, for other individuals to realize their dream.”

This new hangar adds 34,000 sq. ft. of aircraft maintenance and storage space to the Eastern Carolina Regional Airport. It will be used to keep local planes in air worthy condition and to train future pilots for a career in the aviation field.

D2 Government Solutions provides aviation and administrative support services to various government agencies. However, another component of their business is the operation of D2 Flight Academy (D2FA). D2FA has trained over 10,000 pilots in the last decade for careers in some fashion to serve in the private or professional aviation industry. They work closely in conjunction with Coastal Carolina Regional Airport, Craven Community College and Liberty University helping aviators realize their dream of flight.

“So here we are, we are bringing jobs, we are bringing prosperity and we are bringing life to Eastern North Carolina—especially New Bern” the congressman said. “And we have you guys to thank for it. It’s a beautiful hangar with some beautiful planes but thank you for helping people realize their dreams.”